Miami Valley TechPrep Consortium

College Readiness

College is an expensive proposition for students and parents. Because remediation in college will add to college costs and potentially delay a student’s graduation from college, it is important that students, parents, and teachers understand the college placement requirements to enter without remediation. Research shows that students who enter college without remediation needs are more successful in college classes and are more likely to graduate.

As a result of this research, there is an effort in Ohio, spearheaded by the Ohio Board of Regents and the Ohio Department of Education, to develop strategies that will reduce the need for academic remediation with Ohio students. Colleges and universities have developed uniform assessments to determine if a student meets the standards adopted for college readiness.

July 2017 UPDATE: Based on the success of the pilot years using multiple measures to determine college readiness, Sinclair will be putting in place a permanent policy for Multiple Measures (MM3). The pilot was designed to eliminate the requirement for students to take the college readiness assessment if they demonstrated college readiness through one of many measures, including their high school GPA. Please click HERE to access the most current information about the Multiple Measures 3.0 GPA policy for Tech Prep students. Please click HERE to access the most current MM3 reference chart.


For the most current information about placement testing at Sinclair, please click HERE!