Yajaira Martinez-Mireles - Video
Yajaira Martinez-Mireles, Tech Prep Alumni from Springfield-Clark CTC
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15 Months to Your Future

Sinclair’s new streamlined 15-month degree options get you job or transfer-ready and into in-demand careers faster than we’ve ever been able to offer before.
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HS Merit Scholarships

Apply for HS Merit Scholarships (HS Seniors) and Summer 2021 scholarships through March 31st! Click "Apply Online to Scholarships" to log in.

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Multiple Measures 3.0 GPA
Are you a Tech Prep student with a high school GPA of 3.0 or higher? You may be able to bypass Sinlciar's college readiness assessment!

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Ohio Guaranteed Transfer Pathways
The Ohio Guaranteed Transfer Pathways helps streamline the credit transfer process amongst the state's public institutions.  
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Sinclair-Wright State University Double Degree Program
The Wright Path - Sinclair College to Wright State University Transfer Pathway Program allows you to seamlessly move into a Wright State program after earning an associate degree at Sinclair. 

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UD Sinclair Academy
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The Miami Valley Tech Prep Consortium relies on close partnerships with the educational leaders in our member schools and career centers. We realize that these school leaders play a vital role in teacher efficacy and student success...


Student success begins with great teachers and effective teaching. We are proud of the partnership that MVTPC has established with area Tech Prep teachers to support their instructional efforts...

Students & Parents

The Miami Valley Tech Prep Consortium is a unique organization whose mission is to help students meaningfully experience a career/technical field of study at the high school level and simultaneously earn college credits...