Tech Prep Showcase

TECH PREP SHOWCASE: March 25, 2020

Registration Steps

Registration is a two-step process.  First, teams are asked to register for the Showcase, providing instructor and team member information, after which a Showcase ID will be provided via email.  Important: the registration deadline is February 26.  Next, teams are asked to complete and submit (using their Showcase ID) the Project Summary / Scientific Paper (for Medical Bioscience teams) via the Project Summary Form prior to the March 4th deadline.

  • Tech Prep Showcase Application: link
  • Project Summary / Scientific Paper (for Medical Bioscience teams) Form: link


Additional Information & Resources
  • Project Summary Questions link   
  • 2020 Teacher Instructions link
  • 2020 Showcase Judging Rubric link
  • Medical Bioscience teams have a separate judging rubric/scorecard and scientific paper to complete. These teams are to submit a paper using the formatting guidelines as described in the document below titled "Medical Bioscience Research Outline and Scientific Paper Guidelines." See PDF file links below:
    • Medical Bioscience Judging Form link    
    • Medical Bioscience Research Outline and Scientific Paper Guidelines link   
    • Medical Bioscience Scientific Paper Rubric link   

For more information about the Sinclair Tech Prep Showcase, please contact the Miami Valley Tech Prep Consortium via phone (937-512-3406) or email.


Every year, Miami Valley Tech Prep students have an opportunity to compete in the Sinclair Tech Prep Showcase. Students develop contextual learning projects based on the skills and knowledge they have gained in their Tech Prep classes. Teams are judged according to a rubric using the following criteria:

  • Project research and development
  • Authentic work-based learning
  • Academic/technical skills
  • Professional relationships
  • Presentation skills

The Showcase features projects from 15 Ohio career fields: Agricultural & Environmental Systems, Arts & Communication, Business & Administrative Services, Construction Technologies, Education & Training, Engineering & Science Technologies, Finance, Health Science, Hospitality & Tourism, Human Services, Information Technology, Law & Public Safety, Manufacturing Technologies, Marketing, and Transportation Systems.

The Showcase provides students with the opportunity to network with other consortium students and to interact with judges from education, business, industry, and labor.