Credit Capture Process


May 1: Complete curriculum to ensure credits are posted in a timely manner to avoid registering for credit earned already. 

May 15: All grades should be finalized; high school instructor notifies faculty and pathway manager via email the grades are completed. 

    Credit Capture Resources

    Don’t know what credit type? Find your course Need to Know document here. 

    Articulated Credit Capture (AA)

    • Steps
    • Instructions with visuals
    • Permission to Post – uploading documentation or proof of credential serves as a student’s permission to post the credit to their official Sinclair transcript. 

    Proficiency Credit Capture (PR)


    • CTAG credit is retrieved from the state CTAV portal using a student’s SSID.
    • Students will need to provide Permission to Post via the CTAG Retrieval Form.
    • Credits will be posted once they are available in the CTAV portal, typically June – August.

    Questions? Contact your Pathway Manager.