Credit Capture Process


May 1: Complete curriculum to ensure credits are posted in a timely manner to avoid registering for credit earned already. 

May 15: All grades should be finalized; high school instructor notifies faculty and pathway manager via email the grades are completed. 

As we did last year, we have scheduled 5 virtual drop-in blocks if you or your instructors would like additional training and support from our staff through this process.

  • Wednesday, April 27th from 10am – 12pm 
  • Wednesday, May 4th from 1pm – 3pm 
  • Wednesday, May 11th from 11am – 1pm 
  • Wednesday, May 18th from 2pm – 4pm 
  • Wednesday, May 25th from 10am – 12pm 
Credit Capture Resources

Don’t know what credit type? Find your course Need to Know document here. 

Articulated Credit Capture (AA)

  • Steps
  • Instructions with visuals
  • Permission to Post – uploading documentation or proof of credential serves as a student’s permission to post the credit to their official Sinclair transcript. 

Proficiency Credit Capture (PR)


  • CTAG credit is retrieved from the state CTAV portal using a student’s SSID.
  • Students will need to provide Permission to Post via the CTAG Retrieval Form.
  • Credits will be posted once they are available in the CTAV portal, typically June – August.


Questions? Contact your Pathway Manager.