AY 21-22 Need to Know Documents

ACC-1100: Small Business Accounting (PR)

AGR-1160: Introduction to Agriculture Science (PR)

AGR-1200: Agricultural Economics (PR)

ALH-1101: Introduction to Healthcare Delivery (PR)

ALH-1120: Nurse Aide Training (AA)

ALH-1130: Basic Life Support Training for Healthcare Provider (AA)

ALH-1132: Heartsaver First Aid, CPR & AED (AA)

AUT-1100: Consumer Automotive (AA)

AUT-1108: Automotive Engine Systems (AA)

AUT-1114: Automotive Electrical/Electronic Systems I (AA)

AUT-1116: Automotive Steering & Suspension Systems  (AA)

AUT-1165: Automotive Brake Systems (AA)

AVT-1101: Introduction to Unmanned Aerial Systems (PR)

AVT-1103: Remote Pilot Ground School (PR)

AVT-1141: Principles of Aviation Leadership (PR)

AVT-9001: FAA Airframe Certification (AA)

AVT-9002: FAA Powerplant Certification (AA)

AVT-9003: FAA Powerplant & FAA Airframe Certifications (AA)

BIO-1107: Human Biology with Lab (PR)

BIS-1120: Introduction to Software Applications (PR)

BIS-1201: Keyboarding & Document Formatting (PR)

BIS-1400: Customer Service (PR)

BTN-1120: Laboratory Safety & Regulatory Compliance (PR)

CAM-1107: Principles of Manufacturing (PR)

CAM-1109: Fundamentals of Tooling & Machining (PR)

CAM-1110: Advanced Machine Operations (PR)

CAT-1161: Introduction to Civil & Architectural Technology (CEA) (PR)

CAT-1401: Construction Estimating (PR)

CAT-1701: Construction Craft Skills/Concrete (PR)

CAT-1721: Structural Framing Systems (PR)

CAT-1741: Residential Electrical Systems (PR)

CAT-1761: Interior & Exterior Finishes (PR)

CAT-1781: Construction Project (PR)

CAT-1810: Construction Techniques I (NCCER Core) (AA)

CAT-1820: Construction Techniques II (NCCER Carpentry Level 1) (AA)

CAT-1830: Construction Techniques III (NCCER Level 2) (AA)

CAT-2401: Engineering Technology Project Management (PR)

CIS-1350: Web Site Development with HTML & CSS (PR)

CIS-2165: Database Management (PR)

CJS-1103: Constitutional Law & Evidentiary Procedures (PR)

CJS-1105: Criminal Law (PR)

CJS-1155: Homeland Security Issues & Administration (PR)

CJS-2205: Introduction to Criminal Investigation & Forensic Science (PR)

DEH-1102: Introduction to Dental Hygiene (PR)

DIT-1111: Nutrition for Health & Fitness (PR)

EET-1181: Electrical Construction I (NCCER Electrical Level 1) (AA)

EGR-1217: Fluid Power and Control (AA)

EGR-2252: Teach Pendant Robot Programming (AA)

FIN 2450: Personal Finance (PR)

FST-1555: Hazardous Waste Operations & Emergency Response (HAZWOPER) (AA)

HMT-1126: Baking I (PR)

HMT-1148: Meeting & Events Contracts & Obligations (PR)

HMT-1149: Meeting & Events Set-up & Breakdown (PR)

HMT-2201: Food Service Equipment, Design & Maintenance (PR)

HMT-2227: Hospitality Marketing (PR)

JOU-2101: Introduction to Journalism (PR)

JOU-2203: Reporting & Writing for Media (PR)

MAN-1107: Foundations of Business (PR)

MAN-1110: International Business (PR)

MAT-1110: Math for Technologists (PR)

MAT-1120: Business Mathematics (PR)

MAT-1125: Math for the Culinary Arts & Baking & Pastry Arts Professional (PR)

MAT-1130: Allied Health Mathematics (PR)

MET-1131: PC Applications for Engineering Technology (PR)

MET-1231: Introduction to Drafting & Design Using Inventor (PR)

MET-1301: Solidworks Basics (AA)

MRK-2100: Foundations of Marketing (PR)

MRK-2225: Sales Fundamentals (PR)

OPT-1100: Tooling & Machining Metrology (PR)

VET-1102: Introduction to Veterinary Technology I (PR)

VET-1202: Introduction to Veterinary Technology II (PR)

VIS-1100: Design Foundations (PR)

VIS-1110: Design Drawing (PR)

VIS-1140: Design Processes I (PR)

VIS-1250: Print Production (PR)